Friday’s Frugal and Green Five

  1. I haven’t used the tumble-dryer all week, and have relied on hanging up the clothes on the airer to dry in the living room. It’s a big room, and full of junk, so it’s doesn’t have much aesthetic impact! Saved on energy, saved on money.
  2. I’ve been making a floor cushion this week, along the pattern of a meditation cushion or zafu. I’ve used fabric from the stash, and I’m stuffing it with all of the scrap material (and I mean scrap, so small it can’t even be used for patchwork) I’ve been hoarding this year, rather than buy the necessary firm stuffing. This has meant shredding the stuffing material down to fragments, which turns out is killer on the hands and has given me blisters, but it’s free and uses something that otherwise would go in the bin.
  3. The heating is not on yet. The house is comparatively warm, but there have been evenings of sitting under a blanket on the sofa, or breaking out the hot water bottle, as it is definitively winter now. But I’m cold-blooded so will wait until my partner starts to feel the cold.
  4. Still working through the cupboard store of dried beans and pulses. Without a pressure cooker or slow cooker making stuff with these is more work than I like to necessarily put into dinner on a regular basis, but it all needs eating. Why on earth did I buy 2kgs of split yellow peas?!
  5. Went food shopping today and found some of my favourite tinned soups for only 50p a can! Probably too excited by this, and yes tinned soups aren’t amazing, but if the default lunch is “some bread and something” then a tinned vegetable soup is a definite improvement. Substantial savings, which were probably lost to buying alchohol for this weekend’s Halloween parties… but buying spirits and mixers at the superstore is much  cheaper than buying something on impulse at the corner shop. I also managed to get all the vegetables, excluding the sweet potato, loose and without plastic packaging. Small victories.

I was going to add that I used the Meerkat Movies 2-for-1 voucher to go to the cinema this week… but my partner voted to see The Last Witchhunter and it was so absolutely dire that it definitely was only worth £8.40 for us both to see it (if that!) and I do not feel I saved any money!

As inspired by Katy Wolk-Stanley.

Friday’s Frugal and Green Five

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