Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

  1. I’ve been working on another stash-busting project. I need to make a new costume coat for an event in a couple of weekends, so I pulled out a very worn old, 3/4 length camel-coloured wool coat that I’ve been hoarding in the attic forever. I also unburied some lovely chocolate-brown cotton velvet I got from a charity shop years ago, as well as all of the various bits of suede, fur and leather I’ve been holding on to in similar hoarder fashion. Like most of my sewing projects I’m over complicating it, so it’s taking much longer to make than it could, but fundamentally I should be able to do the whole thing without buying any fabric or thread.
  2. Used up some sad leftover cereal that no one wanted to eat (plain cornflakes, rice crispies apparently flavoured with strawberry but actually just really weird) by making chocolate protein crispie cakes. I put enough chocolate in to drown out the odd strawberry smell, and added protein powder (great, but also difficult to use outside very specific recipes) to temper the sugar rush. Sadly my partner threw the rest of the sad cereal away in order to steal the boxes for a project… but I guess that saves me from having to find recipes!
  3. Halloween was quite a night out for us, with two parties in quite distant places, and a trip out to a club. We both wanted a drink or two, so driving wasn’t an option, and at least one of the parties was quite far out from the town centre, so taxis weren’t economical. Instead we used a bus e-ticket bought on my phone, which covered the two of us traveling together for the whole day, and even included the night bus home c.2:30am after the club, much to my surprise! We saved at least £5 just on the price of individual bus tickets, and probably at least £30 compared to cab fares (if any had been available on such a night!) and the environmental impact of using a car. One of the parties was a birthday gathering, so I gave a martini gift-set put together from things I already had (including a wonderful bottle I had to be quite stern with myself to give away!), and at the club we only drank water, and on the way home resisted the call of the kebab. Including the drinks we took to the parties, the birthday gift, club entrance and transport, I think we spent c.£32 for both of us for the whole evening*. Definitely a pretty frugal evening considering how much we packed in!
  4. Last week I saved from the bin a large bag of chips and a bag of miniature sausage rolls which had been bought for work but we’re unused. Not exactly quality food but saved from landfill and saved us some money.
  5. And I’ve also… walked a lot (even in the rain!) instead of taking the bus, taken packed lunches instead of eating in the canteen at college, negotiated discounts on mildly damaged (I mean so mildly I wouldn’t have cared) products, been given a free snack bar for being patient with a server, not used the tumble dryer again this week and most impressive of all (considering how cold it is)… I still haven’t switched the heating on yet!

*Add another £12 if you include the inspired Halloween costumes my partner came up with… but I think these could be considered an investment for every Halloween for the next ten years!

How’d your week go? Let me know if you’re feeling proud of your green or frugal activities, or head over to Non-Consumer Advocate who inspired this post and comment there!

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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