I got a job!

Hooooooorah! I finally got a job. And what a job! Acceptable location, convenient hours, nice people, familiar context, decent pay. Phew. I’ll be able to keep on the charity work that’s developed into a couple of paid hours a week, as well, which I’m really happy about.

I desperately wish that my self confidence and self-worth weren’t so solidly tied to whether I’m in regular, ‘normal’, paid employment, but they are. Why does it matter if someone else thinks I’m employable? I wish it didn’t. I wonder how writers or other folk deal with the pressure to have the kind of job which makes you look regular and normal?

I guess I’m working two part time jobs now, so I’ve no idea how the tax, NI etc., will work. I hope I won’t end up paying crazy emergency tax of something. And lets hope the student loans company don’t try and take anything either, I’m not earning half as much as the minimum wage before I owe them contributions!

I expect things will be a little tiring and hectic as I settle in, so I apologise in advance if I stop posting for a while. Wish me luck in the new job, and good luck to everyone else out there who’s job hunting at the moment!

I got a job!

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