Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

This Friday was Christmas Day, so not only am I a day late on this (let’s not mention those ones I missed in December!), but it’s also rather difficult to claim any part of the last week was at all Frugal or Green! But it feels good to look for the little things that I did, here and there, and try and concentrate on the good bits amongst all the consumption and gluttony!

  1. My partner and I didn’t exchange presents. That meant that he didn’t get something he has no use for and doesn’t like, and I didn’t either. No shopping stress, no needless consumerism, no waste. I’d recommend this to anyone!
  2. I boiled a chicken carcass down for stock. I’ve never done this before, because I have dim memories of it stinking horribly of…well…dead stuff. But we had one left over from a pre-Christmas Christmas-dinner with housemates, so I made the effort. I was pleasantly surprised that it smelt wonderful, like chicken soup, really comforting and wholesome. Now I have a box of deep brown chicken stock in the freezer, and I’m actually looking forward to using it to make a really comforting soup in the near future.
  3. I’ve been freezing absolutely every bit of leftovers or unused food I can in the run up to Christmas. It’s a real season of food extravagance and bounty for us, so before the big day (and it’s inevitable pile of leftovers) I’ve been freezing everything from the fridge I could. As a result, my partner has sausages and bacon to look forward to, and I have a bunch of home-made microwave meals.
  4. I didn’t send any Christmas cards (except one to Mom) and therefore saved plenty of money and resources. Instead I’m donating to the charities my friends have nominated, as a Christmas card for them.
  5. I rescued a horrible 10m roll of pink wrapping paper, covered in very ugly cartoon penguins, out of an abandoned trolley in a supermarket car park, where it had been crushed. In the end it turned out my housemate needed quite a lot of wrapping paper for his presents, so I was happy to let him have the whole thing! At least someone used it – considering how mangled it was, I think it would have been thrown away if I had taken it into the supermarket.

One horrible waste which did annoy me was that I had to buy new (tasteful) wrapping paper! I was really hoping to avoid buying any of that stuff this year. However I was ill, and I needed to wrap some things on the go on the way somewhere, so I ended up buying a roll at the train station, wrapping gifts in the coffee shop (having brought scissors and tape!) and then leaving the majority of the roll behind with a note that it was free to whomever wanted it. I hope it saved someone else some money!

Did you manage any frugallities over Christmas? Let me know, or head over to Katy’s blog, which inspired this post.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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