Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

I’m away this weekend! Not very frugal or probably green, but hopefully lots of fun. In the mean time…

  1. Brought home unused food from work. I think I should probably start taking a food bag with me, as I sadly had to throw out 3/4 of an unused pizza base for want of a way of transporting it home. But a little cheese, tomato and salami came home, when it otherwise would have gone in the bin, so that’s something. I also drank the awful instant coffee at work instead of buying any kind of pick-me-up to get me through the long afternoon-evening.
  2. Did my weekly food shop at the small local supermarket on the way home from work, with only £20 and a single carrier bag on me, and knowing I had to walk it home! Consequently, I didn’t purchase much, and as a bonus the vegan cheese I like was cheaper at this supermarket than the big one we usually drive to. Sadly, not a single bag of salad in stock, so I’ll have to think of something more imaginative for my dinner at college. Also did the food shopping instead of going to dance class, as my partner isn’t well enough, so although I was sad to miss out I did save some cash.
  3. We have switched the heating on this week… but only for two half-hour blasts when one of us has been really cold. Otherwise it has remained off. At least we’ve checked it still works and maybe this year we can avoid it breaking down… last year we were without heating on Christmas Day and only the substantial roast kept us warm!
  4. Applying for jobs every day. Which has to be frugal, I think, because sooner or later someone will employ me and I will have money to finally consider saving!
  5. Attempting to use up some of the tonnes of moisturiser I have been given over the last year or so by putting it all around the house. Hopefully other people will use it too! I’m not a huge fan of fragranced things, and I’m terrible at allowing myself to use the ‘nice’ things I get given, so I’ve ended up with quite a collection.

One definitely not frugal or green thing that has really surprised me…. I used the tumble-drier this week to get help get the bedding cycled as quickly as possible, and I’d forgotten how much it sucks! I must have been running if for almost two hours to dry everything, and it wasn’t even a particularly heavy load. Next time I’m going to try and be more organised and just hang the bedding to dry on the banisters.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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