Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

Posting a day early ahead of the celebratory madness of new year! With all the time visiting friends and celebrating, this week hasn’t been the most frugal, but I have managed a few good things:

  1. Took the bus down the coast, instead of driving or taking the train. I was having lunch with family, and it was just me travelling. I decided to enjoy the amazing coastal view from the top of a double decker, along with a few podcasts! No need to find and pay for parking, no need to drive in the rain at night, and it cost a fraction of the price of the alternatives.
  2. Ate all of the Christmas Day leftovers. The final day did require me to be quite inventive, but I’m pretty proud of the fact that nothing went to waste this year. It’s a substantial improvement on last year, as we even managed to eat the tricky and unappealing cold roast potatoes!
  3. Remembered to book train tickets to see more family in January as soon as I was paid. It doubtless would have been cheaper if I’d booked them earlier, but this is a classic example of how being short on money stops you accessing cheaper things.
  4. Opted out of my workplace pension. That might not seem frugal, but considering that I’m only there for under a year, and I would face fees for transferring out to another scheme when I leave, it’s important to opt out whilst I can. I know I’ll be missing out on my employer’s contributions, but as long as I actually save the money I’d be putting in, instead of spending it, I think it’ll be better for me in the long run.
  5. Speaking of savings, I’ll finally be seeing someone responsible enough to sign my passport facsimile, to enable me to regain control of an ancient (sadly almost empty) savings account from my teen years. Strangely (!) my signature has changed since then, which means I can’t change my address or access the account or anything until I can prove I’m me!

It feels nice to finally tidy some things ahead of the new year. And to hold in the spending a little before he new year celebrations! I hoped your week went well. As ever, this post was inspired by Katy’s excellent blog.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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