Friday’s Frugal and Green Five

This week has been a little up and down, and probably contained too much food and coffee eaten away from the home/office! I don’t know about you, but I’m having problems adjusting back to the regular work routine, and staying away from the tasty foods that have been part of the holiday season! However, I have managed a few things I’m proud of:

  1. I bought three months of bus pass (which I use to travel to work rather than drive) at a reduced student price, saving £100! I’ve paid for an evening course in April with the local college, and as a result I have a current student card. My local bus company accepts this as sufficient to issue a student-priced bus pass, which is absolutely fantastic!
  2. Recycled the liquid cartons when I drove to the supermarket. This is so dull I always wish I didn’t have to, but I still do it. I also managed to remember to take stuff to the tip, including a bin-liner of clothes too damaged to be charity-shopped, which went in the fabric recycling bin. Dull, but dutiful.
  3. Reserved from the library that a book my partner and I really wanted to read. I had to pay 90p for the privilege (I don’t know any other library that does this and it annoys me so much!) but that is 10% of the cost of buying the book. I only had to wait a few days and it didn’t hurt to put that new copy I was lusting for back on the shelf too much…
  4. Swam 1km in the local pool, for just £1! My workplace has a special arrangement with the pool, so for as long as the funding lasts, I can swim for cheap. Not only is it excellent for the body, it’s good for the mind too, as the rhythm of swimming and counting laps tends towards mindfulness.
  5. Made a bunch of dinners out of sad looking left-over vegetables from the back of the fridge as part of my drive to reduce waste. I’m trying to shift our dinners over to more vegetable-based food, but I’m not feeling very inspired!

Thinking on my News Year’s Resolution, I am trying for more buy-nothing-days, but not succeeding very well so far this month. The problem is that I do quite a lot of things that require (sometimes tiny) amounts of expenditure, like the swimming. This has to be paid for as-and-when you swim, rather than on a card or season pass, so I can’t just pay once a month. Wish me luck for improving this in the coming weeks!

As ever, this post was inspired by Katy’s blog, where lots of similar lists get posted!


Friday’s Frugal and Green Five

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