Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

This week we’ve had a very dear friend to stay with us, so the focus has been on spoiling them as much as we can get away with. This is quite tricky considering how kind, thoughtful and temperant they are, but we did our best! Consequently it’s one of those weeks where you look for the ‘better’ spends, rather than trying not to spend at all. On the upside, I did manage one no-spend-day in amongst all the excitement, which is very encouraging.

  • Excitingly, I’ve managed to pick up a few extra hours with my main job, just handling some admin for a sub-department’s event. This will bring in extra money, but will also give me new things to do, saving me from getting too bored! Win-win.
  • As I talked about a few days ago, I bought this week’s food shopping online and collected it myself. I really think this has helped me not buy things I am not certain too need, saving money and avoiding junk.
  • Did not order take-out last night, even though we were all very tempted. My partner cooked great pasta instead, much healthier and a league cheaper.
  • Abstained from eating lunch or buying coffee or anything not brought from home all week, though I did break today. Could not drag myself out of bed early enough to make sandwiches, and was too sad really to face it. I’ve spent most of the afternoon travelling in pretty cold conditions (via train) so I have treated myself to warm food and drink, but I will try and abstain on the return journey next week.
  • Went to the movies and treated our guest, but did get 2-4-1 tickets for us, saving £7. Saw The Hateful Eight, but not sure I can recommend it!

If this post interested you, head on over to Katy Wolk-Stanley’s blog, which inspires this and also contains lots of similar stuff!

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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