Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

Not bad this week, considering I’ll have been away both weekends, which brings it’s own spending!

  • I packed sandwiches, cookies and water for the long, cold train journey home on Monday, rather than buying anything. I probably would have folded and bought a hot drink at one of the stations, as I was stuck there almost an hour on a concourse with little shelter and my hands went numb, but there wasn’t anywhere inside to drink it. Saved c.£3.50 and didn’t use one of those disposable cups.
  • I pre-booked a bunch of festival events this weekend, getting an early-bird discount, and didn’t pre-book for an extra one just for the free gifts as I can’t actually attend it. Saved c.£35-50.
  • Haven’t been for a haircut in months, though a couple of times this week my hair has been driving me nuts!
  • Bought my supermarket shopping online and collected it, which cost me nothing extra, and helped me avoid impulse and unnecessary purchases. I actually had a hard time meeting the minimum spend this week! Next month I’m going to review the whole process.
  • Have been searching for a way to keep our small old cat warm at night this winter, but so far haven’t found a method which seems safe, easy and effective. Rather than buy something that doesn’t quite do it, we’re just going to leave the airing cupboard door open at night for her as a temporary measure until we find a better solution. Though this reminds me I need to get some kind of insulating jacket for the water tank in there!

I’m driving across country today, so hopefully I’ll survive on just what I’ve packed and avoid the service stations… but I think on Sunday that might not be that easy.

As ever, this post was inspire by Katy and all over her fascinating commenters.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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