Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

Well, I went into this week expecting it to be a little hellish, with two extra jobs lined up as well as afternoon appointments. In the end, the biggest extra job failed to materialise, and although that means less money, in this case I’m quite glad as it also means much less hassle! This week hasn’t been completely parsimonious, but there have been a few bright spots:

  • I fell in the mud last weekend. Rather than pay for my coat to be dry cleaned, and use who-knows-what chemicals, I washed it by hand in the bath, spun it in the machine, and hung it to dry. I didn’t want to do it, it was a real effort, but it was free and low impact! 
  • I’ve done the first day of a two-day training course in paediatric first aid. Learning something new is always good, but in this case I’m getting a c.¬£300 course for free from one of my employers, and I should be getting paid for the hours spent training, and my other employer let me have the day off work to do the course and just make up the hours this week, rather than using precious holiday! Hoping it will boost my CV a smidgen too, which might be frugal in the long term. Oh, and I got a free lunch!
  • Nine free eggs one of my employers didn’t want.
  • A whole bag of good clothes went to a friend-of-friend who is just a touch smaller than me (and doesn’t have my IBS problem) and was a little short on work clothes. Really happy to have found a new home for unwanted things, and the spares will go to charity. Saved someone else money, and reduced consumerism!
  • A friend is lending me a piece of kit I need, which saves me having to buy it. In return, I will de-cat-fur and press it. Much better than buying, using once, and then storing forever something that I would rarely need.

What small triumphs of frugality have you had this week? 

As ever, this post has been inspire by Katy’s blog and wonderful readers.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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