How’s my New Year’s Resolution going? January edition.

As you may have read, this year I’ve committed to reduce the number of days every month where I buy things. I want to get a better idea of my spending, as well as become more mindful of it, and of my consumption of things.

For January, I have committed to having at least five buy-nothing-days. This isn’t a big deal, but I wanted to start out small and easy. I’m going to add one day every month, until December, which right now is looking quite terrifying with sixteen buy-nothing-days pencilled in!

So how has January gone? Mixed. 

First up, I definitely hit my buy-nothing target of five days, and in fact despite fears early in the month I actually hit this target by the end of the third week. Successful!

The first week was really hard, with only two spend-free days, which I had to work really hard to find. Week two was a near disaster: having a dear friend stay meant that we went out a lot and I spent on food for special meals, but managed one day. But week three settled into some kind of post-holiday normality, and I managed two with relative ease, and probably had a couple more (though I’d stopped counting) in week four.

However I have realised a few things. The resolution is completely new, and I’m not following anyone else’s suggestions, so at the beginning I had no idea of how it would work. I assumed these ‘buy-nothing-days’ would be completely spend-free. I’ve now realised now that, for me at least, that isn’t going to work. 

I don’t want anything putting me off going swimming, or getting a prescription, or paying for physiotherapy etc. I’d actually quite like to increase the number of days a month I go swimming, which although cheap (£1!) does need to be paid for as-and-when I go, rather than on a membership. A healthy mind and body is very important, and frugal in the long run, so I’ve therefore decided to exclude spending on physical and mental health from the buy-nothing-days. I want to look after myself more in the coming year, rather than put in arbitrary boundaries which inhibit that.

I’m feeling some disappointment that the buy-nothing-days won’t look as money-free as I initially thought they would. But I think this is probably the best approach to take, and I am now looking forward to the coming months, and even the challenge of the final few, with a lot of hope. I hope your own New Year Resolutions are going well, and do check back this time next month to see how February’s challenge went!

How’s my New Year’s Resolution going? January edition.

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