Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

This week has been a bit calmer. I’ve still had things booked in every day, and a car to unpack, and endless washing and ironing to achieve… but it’s been a bit more peaceful.

  • I had training at my primary job on Tuesday, and got free breakfast and coffee from it. I purposefully used the ceramic cups, rather than the plastic ones, to reduce waste a little.
  • At the weekend I managed to get up to Leicester and back down to the south coast on a single tank of petrol, c.£40, despite the crazy winds. Keeping under the speed limit, being relaxed, defensive and concentrating on the road all made for a smooth journey with little stop and start. So minimised our petrol use despite…
  • …taking a whole boot full of books to a weekend party! We actually set off for the weekend via a charity shop, but they refused to take our books as they said they already had too many. They actually told us to take them to the skip! This put me in a bit of a snot, so I just drove off to the party without trying to stop anywhere else. Luckily, there were loads of people there, and on Sunday I pulled up the house, opened my boot, and hawked almost all the books away to new, excited owners! People were taking away armfuls, it was wonderful. I should be able to slip the remaining few into the next charity shop drop-off.
  • The party was a bit fancy dress, but I managed to pick up almost everything I wanted from charity shops over the last few months. We even picked up a load of glasses for the party (as the hosts had warned us they didn’t have enough) from a charity shop on the way up, which saved us from using any disposables.
  • Visited the cinema on Wednesday using the Meerkat Movies 2-4-1 offer. Didn’t buy anything there, and just took water in our usual bottles.

As ever, this post has been inspired by Katy’s blog and her interesting commenters.


Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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