Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

Despite having a wonderful weekend at home, doing domestic things and dancing with my partner, I managed to spend money every day on little things (books, music). Ah well. My budgeting software tells me I’m not doing too badly this month, so hopefully I will be able to build up a little bit of money to deal with the first point below:

  • I haven’t bought a new mobile phone, despite my current one having a substantial screen failure that renders it barely functional. I looked at having it repaired, but at c.£100, the repair costs means it’s a better investment to buy something new. I just can’t quite face it yet! I’m contemplating a OnePlus Two, but I’m not sure if the customer service is good enough to take the risk…
  • I have to go away at the end of the month, to help run a small weekend event, but I’m feeling a little out of my depth, particularly as most of the materials I might need will be online – and I won’t be able to access them (see above!). So I got myself a cheap data sim for an old iPad a family member gave me, and saved a third of the cost by signing up for a monthly contract and then giving my 30 days notice on it the day after!
  • Didn’t get pizza delivered last Friday, but drove to the supermarket, did the weekly grocery shop, and bought a couple of much cheaper (and almost as good) ones there.
  • Spent a wonderful weekend at home, pottering around, and put together another bin-liner full of stuff to donate to a charity shop.
  • Got a new pair of comfy black leather shoes for work and general use, for just £24 reduced from £60 on ebay, from the original producers, Clarks! It’s a good season for cheap shoes, I’ve noticed.

As ever, this post has been inspired by Katy’s blog and her fascinating readers.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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