Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

This week has been quite busy, quite a bit of travel and an evening out dancing, but I feel like we made some saves.

  • Switched my online grocery shopping to Sainsbury’s, away from the Walmart-owned Asda, and got £18 off with a voucher. We had to buy £60 worth of groceries, but I made it by getting a lot of cat food which was on special offer (double-savings!). Splashed out a £1 on getting it delivered, but chose a ‘green’ slot, where their delivery van was already in our area. Luxury!
  • Went dancing on Saturday, which is not frugal in itself, but we did catch the bus there and back, despite being highly under-dressed and the wind being brutal! I have a bus pass, so that meant we just paid for my partner. We didn’t give in to desires for kebabs either, but had vegan chilli-dogs at home before collapsing into bed.
  • Still working on letting one of our rooms, which meant doing the cleaning on Sunday morning despite being exhausted from dancing!
  • Took lunch and breakfast on the train when I travelled into the city on Tuesday, so that I wouldn’t need to buy food out. I still did, buying ice-cream (yes, in February!) from my very favourite place in the city, and buying coffee, but it cut down the overall expenditure and made it a choice to indulge, rather than a necessity. Not perfect, but an improvement.
  • Ate leftovers on Sunday evening, rather than cook new for both of us, despite being a little bored of Friday’s food by then!

Also, I still haven’t bought a new phone, and remain struggling along with my pretty broken old one. The digitiser is failing so the touch-sensitivity is very patchy, and it has intermittent problems rotating the screen as well. I’ve decided to see if I can save the money necessary to replace it from the pay cheque I got at the end of January, so I’m waiting until March at least to buy a new one. Ideally I’d like to build up some savings, rather than squander it on a new phone though, so I may just see how long my brick will last!

As ever, this post was inspired by Katy and her commenting community.


Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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