Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

What is it with March? Survived a mighty storm at the beginning of the week, whilst out camping in an exposed (and completely sodden) field, and thankfully all of our kit survived. Now it’s bright sunshine and we’re out in the garden for the first time in years. Probably something to do with…
  • Storm Katie blew our bike shed (plus bike) through the brick garden wall and into out neighbours back yard, destroying the top of said wall in the process. Not a frugal thing… but my partner is busying rebuilding the wall, having salvaged most of the bricks to reuse, and we’re not employing anyone else to do it. Hoping the whole thing will come in under £50 in the end. And it is prompting a massive clear out of our tiny, cluttered and dirty back yard. I’m hoping it might even become a space we’d like to use!
  • Last Friday I packed food and a flask of coffee for the road trip, saving us from buying anything at the service station on the way. Of course, didn’t manage this on the way home on Monday when we just wanted to make it off the camping field in one piece and find somewhere not covered in mud that hadn’t collapsed in the wind and could supply hot food, but I did get a discount on the black coffee I bought because I originally asked for filter and they had run out.
  • Tidied up the horrible part of the kitchen above the kitchen cupboards over the hobs… for some reason the fitted cupboards don’t go to the ceiling so there’s a foot worth of horrendous grease covered nastiness up there. I haven’t managed to strip that out… but I did bring down everything we’d been storing up there and clean that or throw it away. It does look nicer all clear, and now you can’t tell how grim it is up there.
  • Turned off the heating. Probably should have done it earlier, but I could have sworn two weeks ago that it was still freezing at night. I’m happy Spring has finally struck, though I suspect the feline overlord will miss the hot radiator to sleep on top of!
  • Did a lot of maintenance on outdoor/camping kit, some of which is still ongoing. I figure if I keep good care of boots, waterproofs, tent etc, then they will last longer and I won’t have to buy new ones.
One bonus one… picked up an extra hour of work tomorrow, doing an open morning at the centre we use for our youth work. The £8 I’ll be earning is pretty laughable, but that’s £8 I didn’t have before, right?
Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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