How’s my New Year’s Resolution going? March edition

Seven days out of thirty-one without spending anything doesn’t sound such a big deal. How come it’s so hard then? I’ve been sticking to my budgeting software and entering absolutely everything, so I’m confident I’m tracking everything. Which was a little depressing during March as it was pretty expensive. I’m honestly hoping for a lot less spending in April, which so far has four weekends out of five at home with very little/only courses booked in. I’m actually hoping we’ll get loads of time to work on the house now Spring is here, as there’s plenty that needs doing, and plenty more that I’d like to do.

In the end I managed ten days, largely due to a straight run of four days at the end of the month when I was at home/working and trying not to spend any money at all, so success! That’s even if I don’t count the days when I only spent money on health-related things (therapy etc.), which I have decided don’t count as real ‘spending’ days.

April is looking like it might be a relatively good month for spending – nothing really planned at the weekends (thank heavens, I need a break!) and plenty of working days. We shall see… there’s a lot of things I want to fix around the house which will inevitably require DIY products (paint, tape, light bulbs) to achieve. Boring, but necessary. But the goal for April is eight days, so fingers-crossed!

How’s my New Year’s Resolution going? March edition

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