Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

What a week! I tried to do too much, caught some horrible virus and have spent the second half of the week at home from work too sick to do any of the things I had started during the first half. So frustrating! It takes quite a lot of self-control to allow myself to just sit around rest and get well, when it feels like there’s a million things I want to get on with to tidy and make-good around the home. Ah well.

  • Used my student card, which I got for booking evening classes this term, to buy my bus pass for work for the next three months, saving c.£100! I’ll really miss this when it’s gone. It’s enough to make me look at next September’s class lists, particularly as there’s a creative writing course that is basically the same cost as the money I’d save on the bus pass… so I’d be getting the course for free, pretty much!
  • Lunches from home/at home all week, which I am usually very good at anyway but definitely worth feeling good about.
  • Dragged myself to therapy even though I was pretty ill – last minute cancellation incurs a fee so why pay for something you didn’t use? It wasn’t a great session as I was so wiped out and cotton-woolly but better use it than waste the money.
  • Repainting the doors and gloss-work upstairs myself. It would never even cross my mind to pay someone to do the decorating, but I know people who do. I’m not going to lie, it would be a lot easier and quicker, and I wouldn’t have the problem I do right now of having half a door painted, plastic and tape everywhere, but no strength to finish it off. Ah well. £20 for a pot of paint is a lot cheaper than getting anyone else to do it.
  • Put out tent to dry. I love our tent, and it isn’t produced any more, so I need to look after it, and that includes drying and cleaning it between uses. I didn’t want to do it, but I made myself, even with the virus sapping my energy.

Tricky to find five this week, partly because my brain is mush, and partly because a couple of frugal fails (take away pizza a few days ago, a can of gloss paint that sucked so much it was a complete waste of money) are sapping my sense of achievement. Here’s too a better time next week!


Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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