Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

Only one day late… But yes! This week was okay. I mean, not brilliant – I would like to buy less snack food/emotional food and coffee, but I do at least try not to get take-away coffee cups. Small victories. Turns out most of the 7 million used and thrown away in the UK just go into landfill, as they are so difficult to recycle. Sad times.

  • Took home a bunch of left-overs from my second job on Monday evening, including some cheap burgers which should have been frozen but which were rapidly defrosting. Two surprise lunches for my partner.
  • Took dinner and snacks to College on Thursday night, even including the unattractive pasta I made on Wednesday night. Forgot to bring anything caffeinated, which is rather a necessity by 8pm when you’re trying to stay focussed and engaged, but when I went to buy coffee I got the opportunity to buy a new class mate a coffee too, which was nice.
  • Didn’t give in to the desire for coffee from the cafe at work, or food, even though I was craving both a bit. It helps that the cafe is so disappointing. Instead, drank cafetière coffee I made myself every morning (not a real hardship in the scheme of things!)
  • Didn’t have takeaway yesterday evening, even though I was really hungry and really turned-off almost every food I could think of. Did drive to a supermarket and buy food, but in the end I spent the same and will have multiple meals of much less unhealthy food.
  • The boss from my primary job let me have the day off on Wednesday without having to take annual leave (I will make up the hours this month on other days), and I used it to go to training for my secondary job – which will pay me for being there. I mean, it’s only £24 gross, but hey, that’s extra cash at the end of the month.

As ever, this post is inspired by Katy and the amazing people who participate in her Frugal Fives.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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