The Sunday Read – Being Blind in Your Mind

A friend linked to the following article today: How it Feels to be Blind in Your Mind.

It’s quite a long article (particularly for a Facebook post!) but it’s a fascinating glimpse into the experience of someone who doesn’t experience, or store, visual images. He doesn’t dream in images, doesn’t remember musical refrains, can’t visualise himself sitting on a beach or hear a tune in his mind. Apparently upwards of 2% of humans might have this ‘aphantasia’.

I’d recommend anyone read it, because it’s a great insight into a particular way of being. In addition, it’s funny and absorbing, particularly when you realise the author himself only just realised that the vast majority of the world can do this thing he can’t. It’s easy to get set in your ways of thinking – to think that aspects of life and experience are ubiquitous and just ‘part of being human’. But then I realise there are plenty of people out there who talk like me, look like me, have a vast wealth of shared history with me, but who experience and react to the world in a radically different way.

Take a look at the article, I hope you enjoy it and get the same sense of wonder and fascination as I did.

The Sunday Read – Being Blind in Your Mind

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