Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

Busy week. Such a busy week. Urgh. So little home time/down-time/lone-time. That said, Tuesday I did spend the whole evening on the sofa with a cold so that kinda counts as downtime?

  • Went to a very low-key hen-do last Friday evening. We hadn’t really sorted out what we doing for food so I just swung by the supermarket and picked up a bottle of Proseco and a bunch of picnic foods before heading to the hen’s house. I love feeding people, it’s a natural desire and way that I show I care for them, so to do so for the hen and a few of her friends for the same price I might have spent on my own meal if we’d gone out was wonderful. I didn’t drink, so I was able to buy a friend a drink and also contribute to covering the hen’s ticket to the club we visited. It was a wonderful evening, full of open-hearted, kind and generous women that I hadn’t met before.
  • I had a college class on Saturday, to which we were instructed to bring food to share. I took home everything I had brought which hadn’t been eaten, and despite it being a bit sweaty from being out all day, I made it into my dinner. And I took home some chicken that no one else wanted and fed it to our cat, to make up for giving her the worming treatment she was due! Next time I want to make something to take though, cheaper than just buying things at the supermarket.
  • Cleaned the house on Sunday, and we are finally seriously looking for tenants. My partner is doing all the leg work, and I am very appreciative.
  • Taking food for Fridays long car journey, and coffee – this time with a decent cup so it doesn’t just taste of plastic!
  • We are doing a mini festival this weekend but I will be cooking breakfast and packing lunch food so hopefully just three hot meals to buy. The lack of washing facilities just makes real cooking very unappealing.

Frugal fail: need to get a handle on my Monday afternoon/evening eating, the second job and dance class is just making it so hard not to buy and comfort eat.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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