Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

I’m completely over committed this month. I realised yesterday when I looked through my schedule for this month, and then factored in the emotionally demanding things that make up some of that. Foolish foolish foolish! I’m starting to take the scythe to my calendar in pursuit of some time for myself, but we shall see. However, due to being stressed and tired and out a lot, things have not been that frugal. But, I do still have some wins:

  • Signed contract with one new housemate, and should sign another with a second next week! So, a full house with less alone time but a lot more money in our pockets. A compromise I’m willing to make for a few more years. Plus, it makes full use of this house, instead of bedrooms being empty whilst people struggle to find affordable accommodation.
  • Did an extra three hours training with my secondary job, which will go some way towards the missed hours on bank holiday, which I don’t get paid for but had to take off.
  • Made it away and back last weekend on only a single tank of petrol, just. Chose to travel outside rush hours to avoid traffic jams, and didn’t speed. Saved c.£20 I think.
  • Found a small mirror in a charity shop, something I’d been looking for ever since my partner came back from physio with instructions to do the exercises in front of a mirror, and stole my bedroom one. Great to pick up a second hand one instead of buying new.
  • Rack-drying my clothes instead of using the tumble-dryer, making coffee at work instead of buying, taking the bus rather than driving to work (even though it is arguably the same or less money to drive, and takes half the time!), and borrowing books instead of buying. Boring things, but I hope they help.

As ever, this post inspired by Katy’s blog community.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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