New Year’s Resolution: June edition

This month’s target for my New Year’s Resolution was ten buy-nothing days. I made it! Again with one day extra. When I set out to make this post I actually didn’t think I was going to be able to write that. It felt like a month when I’d just spent loads and hadn’t had a hold on stuff. When I looked at my budgeting software I saw that actually wasn’t true – I’d spent roughly the same amount I spend almost every month.

Big sources of expenditure were therapy (again, top of the list), eating out (mostly I was just terrible at packing enough food for all the days when I was out from 8am-10pm), groceries (not a problem) and gifts (step-mom’s birthday included a trip to the city, sightseeing and of course a bunch of things I really wanted to give her!).

The only thing I’d really change here is the amount spent on eating out. I tried tackling this by purchasing some ‘Huel’, which is essentially a powder for making meal replacement shakes which, unlike those heinous things weight watchers try and sell you, are nutritionally balanced. My thinking was that if I could just make up a shake and take that with me, it would save me from impulse buying food when I just cannot be bothered/find the time to cook/make stuff to take.

Sadly, I think Huel tastes absolutely awful. I’ve only made it once and it was so bad I could barely finish it. I’m trying the ‘vanilla’ flavour stuff and it almost makes me gag. The big problem is the horrible bitter aftertaste. On the up side, my partner seems to be able to stomach it, so it’s not going to waste. I’ll probably do a more in depth review at some point, when I’ve managed to face up to trying it some more, but at the moment it’s a bit of a white elephant!

New Year’s Resolution: June edition

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