New Year’s Resolution – May edition

I did it! Actually with a spare day as well. The goal was nine buy-nothing days, and I managed ten. So actually almost a third of the month I bought nothing.

I guess if you’re coming to this cold, that probably doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But I’m really bad at spending a little bit every day. Or just spreading all my spending across the whole month. I’m not even exactly sure how it happens. Stuff just needs to get bought. And I am bad at buying food and coffee when I am out, if I’m really honest with myself.

Big sources of spending were therapy (unsurprisingly), camping/festival stuff (including petrol), the car (chose to buy breakdown cover) and eating out (a couple of dinners out with friends, quite a lot of snack food). I don’t feel bad about spending money on my health, but it does sometimes make me feel awkward as it’s the single largest monthly expenditure. Ah well, it is worth it!

New Year’s Resolution – May edition

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