Fridays Green and Frugal Five

I am absolutely knackered. So knackered, I don’t really think I’ve managed a particularly good week. But here goes…

  • Only had a half out at the pub on Tuesday. Too tired to drink anyway.
  • Trying to get my unused holiday at my second job converted to cash. The only reason I haven’t used it is because it took them nine months to actually confirm it!
  • All this weeks washing has been rack or line dried, even the three loads my partner did yesterday. Realised it costs us at least 50p every time we use the tumble dryer, and told my partner this, so I think we’re experiencing renewed enthusiasm for line drying!
  • Posted a graphics card that my partner no longer needs to a friend of his. Expensive electronics getting a second use, friend saving money, cost me less than £3.
  • Used paint left over from glossing the new back gate to paint the top of the cat’s dining table, which as it was bare wood was incredibly grim after a year of accumulated cat detritus! Really nice looking, and finally easy to clean.
Fridays Green and Frugal Five

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