Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

It’s been a really good week for me. Lots of time for myself, finally, with not too much scheduled in and lots of space to just pootle around the house.

  • Three buy nothing days this week, which is really good. Instead of buying things when I think of something I want/need,  I’ve been writing a little list in my notebook and mulling on them.
  • On Monday I ate a dinner of left over bits that the kids I was working with didn’t eat. Saved stuff from the bin, saved me from having to find/cook anything.
  • Wanted to buy a fan during the week, as the temperatures have been more than 30*C and we’ve suffered a couple of nights of almost intolerable heat. But I resisted and temperatures have returned to a more tolerable level. I will keep an eye out for a desk fan when I’m charity-shopping in future though.
  • Organised a trip to the pub to celebrate finishing training with a large group I’ve been seeing once a week for a couple of months. Only bought a half, so spent very little, and still had a lovely time.
  • Batched errands to the tip and to drop off a sack of donations, put a few extra hours on the clock at work, and treated myself to a quick and pleasant commute by taking the car (rather than the usual two busses) to work on Wednesday. A nice treat, particularly when it is so hot that the busses are almost intolerable. The tip is half way to work, and the charity shop almost all the way, so it really is pleasantly efficient!

I suspect the coming week will not be particularly frugal, as we are off to the City, as well as hosting overnight guests at least twice, but I shall endeavour to plan ahead and see what savings can be made…

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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