Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

Mmm, not a bad week, if not super…

  • My partner and I worked through an extremely large backlog of washing, from last week and from the camping trip, and largely air-dried the whole lot. I caved at the end of the week and threw the pants and socks into the tumble-dryer because I was out of space and time, but since realising it’s at least 50p if not £1+ in electricity every time I use the dryer I have become more motivated to line-dry! I think my partner is too.
  • Took camping left-overs to work on Wednesday, which consisted of a few chewy bars and a punctured pot-noodle. Not great, but better than a) buying some food or b) the leftovers going to waste.
  • Didn’t get coffee on the way home from the camping trip, just drank a big soft drink I shared with my partner.
  • Didn’t take any cash with me most of Saturday so I didn’t impulse buy anything. I just made do with what I had already, and it was fine.
  • Mucked up my holiday days, but my boss gave me permission to just work extra  this month and take off this Friday in lieu, as I am going camping again. This should mean that we travel earlier, hit less traffic jams, and therefore consume less petrol.

And one fail… ate two lunches out this week (boring sandwiches), not for pleasure but just because I hadn’t been organised enough. I really want to cut down on this kinda thing this month.


As ever, these posts are inspired by Katy’s Krew.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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