New Year’s Resolution – August edition

A good month! Fourteen days where I spent absolutely nothing! That’s almost half the month and more than the required eleven to keep up with my New Year’s resolution. Rather a relief after last month’s.

In a more general way, this month I have spent the least of all months so far in 2016. Mwahahah, go me. Well, in part that is because I stopped therapy halfway through the month, and it looks likely I will not start it again in the immediate future. So I should have less fixed outgoings, and I am keen for that to translate into higher savings.

My highest single outgoing category was festival attendance and kit; I bought a new giant (and astoundingly comfortable) camp bed, in addition to the usual petrol and higher food costs of being away. Second highest was medical costs, predominantly therapy but also the cost of a wrist brace for my dodgy right hand.

My partner largely covered groceries this month, so that’s a little misleading (perhaps I should start tabulating their costs as well?), but I spent nearly £85 on eating out this month, which I’m less pleased with. This is predominantly coffee when out in town, and lunch when I’ve failed to bring it to work, and food and coffee on the road to festivals. This is definitely an area I could work on, but one I struggle with the most. I find it really hard at lunch time, particularly if we’re just back from a weekend away and there’s nothing in the cupboards. Trying to avoid animal products doesn’t help either – there’s no handy cheese in the fridge that you can just stuff between two pieces of bread. Ah well, something to try and stay on top of in September.

After that we have a bunch of small costs; a tank of petrol, a couple of trips to the cinema, and an emergency taxi I had to take due to being a chump. All together, pretty good! This is good as I am on holiday in the coming month, and I still have a half-broken phone that needs replacing. But let’s leave it on a high note – fourteen days consumerism-free! Yes!

New Year’s Resolution – August edition

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