Friday’s green and frugal five

What a month! I got back from holiday into one of the busiest periods of the year at work, and was asked to start take on the tasks of the new role I’m moving into in early November early. It’s been a hell of a month, frankly. 

  • My boss did give me carte blanche to work as much overtime as necessary, so at the end of this month I will be submitting a pay request for a straight 20 extra hours. Not to be sniffed at!
  • I renewed the car insurance, but with a new provider for less and through Compare the Market, so we have another year of buy-one-get-one free cinema tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Honestly we probably save £100 a year doing this, plus the £50 we save on renewal by switching to a new provider!
  • Used the above this week, and treated ourselves to ice cream by packing our own spoons and hand towel and buying a tub at the nearby supermarket, which halves the cost and enables us to get better icecream.
  • Our housemates freezer needs defrosting, so we’re eating down ours so that there is room for their things. We haven’t spent a lot on groceries recently.
  • Haven’t put the heating on yet, just making sure we keep doors closed. I have a blanket by the sofa for when I get cold late in the evenings, and another on the bed.

As ever, post inspired by Katy’s blog.

Friday’s green and frugal five

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