Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

The problem with November is that it’s the month where you have to pay for all the things you are planning to do in December for Christmas (book tickets to events, dinners, trains, transport etc etc). And joy-o-joy, my car has just refused to start and will likely need towing to the garage this week. And the cat got attacked by another cat and needed £90 of vet treatment last week. Ahhh…. the winter.

At times like this, I am deeply grateful that we are frugal, and save, and that I know we can afford these surprise costs without anything bad happening. And it makes me want to celebrate the few frugal things I have managed this week…

  • The NHS got me covered, with a free consultant appointment just ten days after being referred. Couldn’t imagine life without the NHS.
  • Treated to a free dinner in the city. Had to pay transport to get there…but made people happy and the wine was very, very nice!
  • Treated to lunch and the cinema in the city by my mom, which was absolutely lovely. Bumped into some old friends (recognised their voices when we say down next to them in the cinema!) and went back to theirs for tea and a catch up, all free and wonderfully serendipitous.
  • The car may have broken down, but we just did a big food shop, and there’s plenty in the cupboard, fridge and freezer that will keep us going quite a while without feeling too desperate to buy the more expensive local groceries.
  • Fanfiction. It’s endlessly inventive, fascinating, and easy to read. When I just want to unwind for an hour in the evening, it’s free and easy and I just don’t have to think too hard. Honestly, totally great right now.

As always, inspired by Katy’s posts on the Non-Consumer Advocate.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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