Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

Argh! It feels like there is not much frugality to celebrate recently, as the force of Christmas gathers momentum. I’ve been buying gifts for my parents (and even my partner), which even though not particularly extravagant all add up. I’ve also paid for a year’s gym membership at my work place. Again, not particularly expensive compared to others, and necessary now that I’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis (very motivating at my young age!), but ouch. Add to that raised costs in eating out, booking events for next year, and let’s not even talk about the groceries and damn, this month is going to sting!

I guess I need to focus on the good things, even if they are tiny.

  • The car only needed a replacement battery! The lovely independent garage I’ve been using for almost ten years checked everything, fitted a new battery, and it all came to under £80. Phew.
  • Repaired a much loved pair of jeans, so I won’t have to fruitlessly hunt for a new pair. So happy with this – I love those jeans!
  • Didn’t drink much at the work Christmas party, keeping down the costs (and avoiding drunkenly saying anything regrettable!)
  • I didn’t buy any new Christmas decorations. My kitchen-diner is done up beautifully, including with an ancient string of lights that are probably c.20 years old, and there’s a wreath on my door and it cost me nothing. I had a lovely time decorating on a Sunday, culminating in mulled wine (a gift from last year) and mincepies (made with leftover frozen pastry from a workshop months ago). Perfectly festive.
  • I deep cleaned the kitchen, and my partner altered the worksurface and plumbing in order to fit our dishwasher – zero installation costs.

I’m not sure how the coming week is going to offer any opportunities for frugality…but I will keep trying!

As ever, this post was inspired by Katy’s lovely blog and lovely commentors.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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