A stitch in time…repairing rather than replacing (eventually)

Sometimes, you don’t know quite how comfy a pair of jeans is until you can’t wear them any more. I have a great pair I’ve worn until several rather important areas were worn thin and have holes – and horror of horrors, in the crotch! I thought I’d just replace the jeans. At first I tried another pair I already had – they proved a good fit, but for some reason tiring on the legs to wear. Then I tried buying a new pair (well, new-to-me at least) during our last charity-shop trawl, but alas! No luck -everything I tried fit terribly. Honestly, I’ve started to hate shopping for trousers. It’s such a thankless task.

So I finally gave in and looked up ways to fix them. I was reticent to just sew a patch on top, as I was concerned about making the area ugly, and uncomfortable to wear – particularly as the damage was in  the crotch area. And I wasn’t about to spend money on a special stick-on patch! However I found this method, and I was really impressed with how it looked in the images.

Basically, you just use zig-zag stitching in a complementary coloured thread to work over the top of the thin/worn out area to rebuild the fabric. I combined this with placing a scrap of thin cotton drill behind the worst of the holes, to support the stitches, and the outcome is really good! It took a little time (and quite a lot of thread), but the whole area has been reinforced, the work is hardly noticeable, and my partner says it looks lovely! Most importantly, I can wear my favourite comfy jeans again!

I only wish I’d just knuckled down and fixed them in the first place, rather than trying to find a replacement. Ah well, live and learn. One upside is that I’ve identified that the other pair of jeans are not worth keeping, and they can go back to charity as soon as they’re clean. If you have a sewing machine and a little time, I can really recommend the method described here, though I would suggest also adding a thin piece of cotton or something underneath to support the stitches and stop the zig-zag stitch from pulling the jean material into ugly rucks. It creates an attractive, subtle fix that works even in the crotch area. Hope the link helps!

A stitch in time…repairing rather than replacing (eventually)

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