Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

Oh god! My stomach is groaning. What a week.

  • We manage to eat almost all of the Christmas leftovers within the alloted time! The only thing we didn’t mange was the packed sage-and-onion stuffing. I think I’ll cut it from next year’s menu: my partner normally insisted on it, but didn’t really eat any of it this year. I made and froze amazing soup from the roast potatoes and parsnips, froze the special gravy, used the left-over yorkshire pudding batter to make pancakes, fried the leftover cinammon rolls in butter and syrup, and generally ploughed through everything else. I’m pleased we wasted so little.
  • Repaired another pair of jeans, this time for my partner, using the method I’ve discovered.
  • Made curtains for the white room using predominantly leftover fabric from the stash. I had to buy some lining, but everything else came from things I’d kept from previous projects.
  • Had a lovely meal out with family that was paid by someone else.
  • My mum bought gave me exactly what I asked for, for Christmas! I’d asked for a new electric toothbrush, and sent a link to the model I wanted at the cheapest price. I opened it with family at the above lunch, and I’m at the age when everyone was fascinated and impressed by it! I will use it so often, and I really appreciate it, particularly as January will be short on cash following the bacchanalian excesses of Christmas.

I hope you all got what you wanted to for Christmas, and hope your coming New Year is full of satisfaction and frugal achievements!

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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