Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

So, as part of my super-frugal January (like Frugalwoods ‘uber-frugal-January’ except not as hard-core!) I have been extra careful this month with my spending:

  • Cleaned and packed my thermos flask and took it to work, so that I could fill it with coffee I made there, just before I left to drive to my moms. Didn’t buy coffee at the service station when I stopped for a break. No horrible disposable coffee cups!
  • Packed extra food (partly thanks to my lovely partner who had bought me something special when they had been food shopping) and made sure I didn’t buy any food at the service station. Less rubbish, and some home-made food using up things from the cupboard.
  • Repeated the whole thing early in the morning on Monday, to make sure I didn’t buy anything on the way back from moms, even though a lovely sweet milky coffee would have been rather enjoyable! Again, no disposable cups or fast-food rubbish.
  • Drove carefully and kept my speed under control, so I managed to make it to moms and back on a single tank of petrol – good for my pocket and the environment.
  • Taken all lunches, breakfasts, snacks to work, made coffee at work, avoided buying any food at all. Used tupperware or old jamjars, and totally saved on waste packaging!
  • Managed to realise I needed to cancel my gym class booking early enough that I avoided paying the late-cancellation fee! This is all new to me, so I feel like I did damn well on that one!
  • Sorted through one of the coin pots to pull out the pound coins into a separate jar. We’ll need to get these changed once the new coin comes to the UK in March, or we’ll run the risk of losing the cash completely! Only one jar left to sort…but it is the biggest :/

After a weekend away, I’m really looking forward to being at home this weekend, and getting on with some gentle decluttering. I also really want to start running down the outrageous overstock of food we currently have in the cupboard, which means I need some time at home to think through our pantry contents…preferably not when I’m starving to death after having been to the gym! Hopefully I’ll have a successful and completely frugal weekend; I wish the same to you!

As ever, this post inspired by Katy’s lovely community.

Friday’s Green and Frugal Five

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